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Our Story

In 2016, Namo Sandwich came into existence through the unwavering efforts of Mr. Hemesh Jain and Mr. Pavi Jain. These two brothers, originating from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. Fueled by their love and passion for the food and beverage industry, they embarked on a mission within the

franchise business in India. Their goal was to provide the finest sandwiches and fast food to society. Their resounding success transformed their lives. As a result, their parents no longer compare them to others. An idea transformed over time into a strong concept, carefully created through many sleepless nights of hard work.

Their playful sandwich experiments brought the flavors to whole new levels. They introduced over 108+ different kinds of sandwiches. And also, they expanded their menu to include a wide range of fast food items like pizza, pasta, burgers, and fries. Alongside these, they offered a delightful selection of mocktails, juices, and shakes. As the Namo Sandwich

franchise business
continues to thrive in India, it has already captured people’s hearts in Indore. Furthermore, it has gained a strong following in other parts of the country.

Our Story
Our customers, who we view as valued family members, keep coming back for our finger-licking taste. They also enjoy the personal touch they receive at Namo Sandwich. Our brand name ‘णमो’ (Namaskar in Hindi, meaning “bow” in English), reflects our commitment to unwavering quality and taste. This dedication extends to our customer service, deeply ingrained within our ethos. It shows our appreciation for all customers worldwide, who hold a special place in our hearts. We assure you that we will keep improving and exceeding your expectations. This will ensure that each visit is better than the last one.
  What started as a small sandwich joint in a small street of Indore in 2016, turned into one of the most well-known authentic local food joints, where you could munch on 100+ delicacies and exquisite beverages. With the advent of online food delivery platforms, Namo Sandwich extended its delivery segment to the better part of the city.

Soon, the scrumptious cuisines were on many more tables and a delicious cheesy smile could be seen on many more faces. While the signature food of Namo Sandwich was, as the name suggests, a Sandwich, every other dish on the menu proved to be equally flavourful & appealing. Evidently, people loved us and we returned (and constantly returned) the love with slight upswings, every day. This is how; we became one of the most loved Indian & Jain Food Joints in our city.

At Namo Sandwich, we take pride in our benchmarking quality. We also maintain strict adherence to procedures and purity. Our dedication to revamping sandwiches as an all-time cuisine has allowed us to master the art of crafting 100+ street-styled sandwiches. Through this commitment, we’ve honed our skills and created a diverse range of flavors. As we grow, we’re offering

franchise business opportunities in India.
Entrepreneurs who share our passion for exceptional taste and experiences are welcome to join us. So, join us as a franchisee and become a part of the Namo Sandwich success story.

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We believe that we are what our customers made us. To ensure the finest dine-in experience, we’ve always added a personal touch. This approach resonates with each of our customers. Whether it takes a small conversation to make them feel homely or crafting personalized recipes. we are ready to do it all. That’s our secret to the highest retention ratio with honest customer feedback. Now, we are thrilled to offer

business opportunities in India
for those who want to join our mission of providing exceptional dining experiences and being a part of our customer-centric approach.

Last but not least, what made Namo a unique choice for people was the commitment to quality Jain foods. Winning the hearts of a particular segment of people was an uphill battle. However, Namo Sandwich managed to set a benchmark in the Jain Food segment in Indore. This accomplishment was achieved with the utmost transparency. And this is our vision, to bring the same purity, transparency, and love to every corner of the nation. Feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn to keep yourself informed and connected!

Our Journey Begins
In 2016, two brothers

Hemesh Jain


Pavi Jain

from Indore embarked on a franchise mission in the food industry. Their aim was to bring the finest sandwiches to the fast food industry and

franchise business in India.

Fueled by their love and passion for the food and beverage industry, they embarked on a mission within the franchise business in India.
Flavors Beyond Imagination
Their sandwich experiments birthed a variety of Indianised versions of exotic and continental sandwiches. Eventually, a platter of exotic pizzas, pastas, burgers, fries, mocktails, juices, and shakes followed to captivate hearts with different kinds of Sandwiches, leading to the establishment of a successful

franchise business in India.

The Heart of Namo Sandwich
Our brand’s name, णमो (Namo) literally translates to Namaskar , which reflects our unwavering commitment to quality, taste, and customer service. Our valued customers are our family and we’re here to ensuring that they get tailored hospitality and taste with every visit.
Elevating Street-Styled Sandwiches
We take pride in the benchmarking quality, adherence to SOPs, and a commitment to crafting. We’re here to find like-minded investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs who believe in ethical growth and sustainable customer loyalty, and who are interested in a

franchise business in India.

Customer-Centric Approach
The brand’s success is attributed to customer’s support, tailored service & hospitality, and a commitment to quality food. Offering

franchise business opportunities in India

, Namo Sandwich aims to expand its mission of providing exceptional dining experiences nationwide.
Purity, Transparency, and Love
Setting a benchmark in the Jain Food in India, Namo Sandwich envisions bringing the purity, transparency, and love to every corner of the nation. Connect with us on LinkedIn to stay informed and connected to our journey.
Franchise Opportunities Await
Namo Sandwich invites entrepreneurs to join us in this success story, offering

franchise business opportunities in India

. Those sharing a passion for exceptional taste and experiences are welcome to become part of the Namo Sandwich family.