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    We have meticulously created more than 50 SOPs and countless touchstone testing cycles for our highest-performing deliverables. Anyone in the world can serve our products with pride and confidence with just some basic training and a genuine love of cooking. The founding fathers of Namo the

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     aspire to put a door to Namo Sandwich in every corner of the country & the world, where people can knock when they crave quality Indian food &
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    And for that, we look forward to people who are ready to become the benchmark of purity and quality food in their locale. Join us on this journey as we continue to redefine excellence in the cafe and sandwich franchise industry.
    What we provide?
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    Wastages reduce to nil

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    Centralized buying and sourcing

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    Consistent innovations

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    Staff training & Grooming

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    Brand recognition in market

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    Scalable Business Model

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    Namo Brand Name, Menu & Merchandise

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    End-to-End Logistic Support

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    Continuous R&D

    Our Franchise model
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    FSC Model

    best cafe franchise in India

    Small Dine-In Model

    Namo Franchise FAQ's


    1. What do I need to do to qualify for a Namo Sandwich Franchise?

    • Investors should have immediate access to the minimum investment amount, along with a minimum marketing budget of Rs. 1.5lakh& operating capital to sustain the business for 6 months.
    • Tentative location in which the potential franchise outlet is to be opened (google pin).
    • Looking forward to opening the store in the coming 60-80 days.
    • Owns or has the potential to rent the requisite land area in a prominent location.
    • Special preference for someone with substantial experience in the food service industry.

    2. How do I go about the process of opening a Namo Sandwich Franchise?

    Explore the opportunities of becoming the best cafe franchise in India with Namo Sandwich. Schedule an appointment with our franchising team by either:

    3. What is the ROI of my investment?

    The ROI on any investment depends on multiple factors like Location, Rentals, Expected Revenue, etc. There is no simple or direct answer to this question. However, to get a better idea of what can be a potential ROI for your project, please book an appointment through one of the above-mentioned methods.

    Franchise Investment Details

    1. What are the costs for FSC Model?

    • Franchise Fee of 4.5 lacs + GST.
    • Minimum space of 200-300 sq ft.
    • The total setup cost comes between Rs. 16 to 18 Lacs.

    2. What are the costs for Small Dine-In Model?

    • Franchise Fee of 6.5 lacs + GST.
    • Minimum space of 500-1000 sq ft.
    • Total setup cost comes between Rs. 25 to 30 Lacs.

    3. I would like to open a takeaway or Drive-in outlet. Is that possible?

    We have currently not planned these models. However, you can connect with us our franchising team for a discussion and find out better possibilities.

    4. Which Licenses will I need to run the outlet?

    • FSSAI
    • Shop & Establishment
    • Municipal Trade license

    5. Who will look after Marketing?

    • All central level marketing promoting the brand - Social Media, Radio, Newspaper, TV, etc is done by the brand.
    • Location-specific marketing like ads on Zomato/Swiggy, Flyers in the local neighbourhood, Hoardings around the outlet, etc. is to be taken care of by the outlet owners.

    6. How much Marketing Budget do I need?

    • Once the outlet is open, marketing spending will be done as per requirement. However, our study has shown that at least 5-10% of the gross monthly revenue should be allocated toward marketing.

    7. What is the Initial stock Cost (For each outlet type)?

    • At the time of signing up the outlet, we will project the revenue we expect to do. 35% of the projected revenue of the first month shall be considered as the initial stock indent.

    8. What is the Royalty (For each outlet type)?

    Royalty for all models is the same and fixed at 5% and the Administrative fee at 2%* on net revenue per month.

    9. Which franchise models does Namo Sandwich work on? (FOFO/FOCO) (For each outlet type)

    The franchise-owned franchise-operated model only.

    10. What is my expected location rental going to be?

    Depending on the location and varying on the city-to-city basis, here are expected rental costs:

    • FSC Rental can range between Rs. 20,000 to 5 lacs
    • Small Dine-In Rental can range from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 2.5 Lacs

    11. What about other costs?

    As soon as we agree on the location, set-up costs, etc., we arrange an appointment with our franchise experts. They will make a projected monthly Profit And Loss Statement, which will include all monthly expenses and give you a provisional view of profitability at each outlet, each month.

    12. Which cities is Namo Sandwich looking to expand to?

    Currently, we are focusing on building and increasing our presence majorly in Central India, including:

    • Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal, Ujjain, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Ratlam, Neemuch)
    • Gujrat (Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Vadodra, Anand, Bhavnagar, Junagadh, Jamnagar, Porbandar)
    • UP (Kanpur, Varanasi, Agra, Gorakhpur, Allahabad)
    • Rajasthan (Jaipur, Kota, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Udaipur)
    • Maharashtra (Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Nasik, Nagpur)
    • Chhattisgarh (Raipur)
    • Delhi NCR


    1. Who will be responsible for Hiring (Brand guideline)?

    While the accountability of the hiring lies with the Franchise, the parent brand provides complete support in helping source CVs and take interviews along with the Franchise owner.

    2. What type of Staff is required? Skilled / Non-skilled labour?

    We can consider non-skilled labor with relevant experience. In some cases, we can also consider laymen or beginners with a very basic understanding of the business.

    3. No. of employees needed?

    FSC Model – 5 to 6 Employees

    Small Dine-in – 8 to 10 Employees

    This is an estimate based on average revenues. Moreover, the number of employees can increase if order volumes are higher. Other factors like delivery, valets, guards etc. may be applicable based on locations.


    1. How will the training process take place?

    • Training for Franchise Owners: The Namo Sandwich Management team will conduct. We designed this training to teach you everything you need to know about running a franchise store profitably. The training may last up to two weeks.
    • Training for Staff: Operations staff will conduct and hold it at the Franchisee Location, the

      best cafe franchise in India.

      We will provide a New Store Opening Team that will come to your location and hand-hold the new staff till they are certified and ready to take on operations themselves.

    2. Where does the training take place?

    • Training for Franchise Owners: Can be carried out online or in person at our Head Quarters (HQ) in Indore. It will be mutually decided after the agreement.
    • Training for Staff:  We will do it at the franchise store location.

    3. What if Refresher Training is required?

    Refresher training is carried out based on the requirement.


    1. Who provides the Raw Material?

    The brand head-quarter centrally provides most of the raw material stock to ensure brand quality. Unless there is a special exception in very rare cases, we do not permit independent procurement of stock.

    2. What about Vendor tie-ups?

    Only Perishable items like milk, fresh vegetables etc. are sourced from the city's local vendor.


    1. Who looks after Digital Marketing?

    Our in-house marketing team will assist you with a monthly plan for digital marketing. This plan may include services such as Zomato/Swiggy carousels and clicks, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, and more.

    2. Who looks after Offline Marketing?

    Our in-house marketing team will assist you with a monthly plan for offline marketing like billboards, newspaper flyers, etc. Moreover, the local marketing plan will be assembled in consultation with the Franchise Owner.

    3. Who is our Target Audience?

    Our target audience is the average middle-class Indian between the age of 14-50. A high-density population with that demographic is the most ideally suited for touching standard revenue. A high density of students and young adults is another indicator of ideal demographics.


    1. What is the Franchisee Agreement Term (Clarify as per each outlet type)?

    The Franchise Agreement term for all types of models is 5 years.

    2. What is the Franchisee Agreement Renewal Fee (Clarify as per each outlet type)?

    To be determined at the time of renewal. However, there will be very nominal fees.

    3. What is a Term Sheet?

    The Term Sheet is prepared and signed once the Franchise fee is paid. This is the confirmation of the offer to finalise a franchise license for a particular area. The letter consists of the details of the Franchise, City, Area, Store Model, Fee, Royalty and any special conditions if applicable. The letter states that the outlet should be made operational within 3 months of signing.


    1. Who will do the setup?

    The outlet setup project work will be carried out only by Namo Sandwich-approved vendors. A list of vendors and their costing will be shared with the Franchise.

    2. Can I do the setup on my own?

    No, the project setup has to be carried out only by Namo Sandwich-approved vendors, who have significant experience in building restaurants for global brands.

    3. How long will the opening of the store take?

    60-70 days is the timeline to make the store operational once the Franchise agreement has been signed.


    1. Will Namo Sandwich help with finding a location?

    Yes, we can share top locations in a particular city, based on data analysis of the market competition and online delivery sales data.

    2. I have my shop. Can I use that for the outlet?

    Yes, if the shop matches the requirement of the franchise model of the brand, the self-owned shop can be considered, post due diligence carried out by our team.

    3. How many sales can I expect my outlet to do?

    Schedule a call now to speak to our Sales & Franchise Expert.

    4. How should I choose the ideal model for my location?

    Schedule a call now to speak to our Sales & Franchise Expert.

    5. Can I get a discount?

    Schedule a call now to speak to our Sales & Franchise Expert.


    We are Namo Sandwich
    1. How much operating capital will I need?

    The initial few months of operations should have Rs. 3 to 4 lacs of operating capital.

    2. Can I suggest my products?

    Products are fixed as per the brand finalized menu only. However, we are always open to suggestions and discussions with our stakeholders.

    best cafe franchise in India